About Us

Since 2015, BB Boutique & Co. has transformed the way women, especially think of self-care. We passionately designed and formulated products that appeased the body, mind, soul and most inner-self. We started out as a small brick and mortar soap and candle company in Bluffton, SC. In 2017, we established our brand as a self-care line of hand-crafted bath and body and aromatherapy products and officially launched our first e-commerce. In 2020, we refocused our purpose one to one with a new perspective; the true unapologetic woman of today. She's fierce, carefree and values her self-care. Plus, she values looking and feeling her best, only with the best. Today you can find our products in select locations and at our all new BB Boutique  & Co. website. Welcome!


Mission: BB Boutique and Co.'s mission is to encourage and restore true self-care among women of all backgrounds. From the young, care-free, single girl to the mother of children, we understand that self-care makes a woman. It's an important element of the womanhood experience that is often neglected through the bouts of everyday life. Our products were created and designed with three self-care principles in mind; the body, mind and soul. We connect with those principals through aromatherapy. BB Boutique's mission is to inspire beautiful, happy, self-loving women.