BB Signature Scented Hand Sanitizer

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Clean hands are healthy hands. Good smelling hands are sexy! Our BB Signature spray hand sanitizer is made with 190 proof organic sugarcane alcohol and is 95% abv, so it's highly effective at killing germs. Our 56.699 ml bottle contains 500+ sprays for use. 

Try our 3 lovely scents

  • Obsessive- made with notes of vanilla, brown sugar, and tobacco
  • Passion- made with notes of rose, and peony
  • Plumeria- made with notes of plumeria, black orchid, and amber

Please note that when used correctly, hand sanitizers effectively clean hands when traditional soap and water are not available. According to the CDC, using a hand sanitizer with at least 60% abv can help prevent sickness and spreading germs to others. However, hand sanitizer may lose effectiveness if hands are grimy, exposed to chemicals or heavily soiled.